Update your listing

Clergy appointments and contact details

Updates to clergy appointments (e.g. role, organisation & time span) and contact details are undertaken via a self-serve electronic form managed by the publisher.


To update your listing online go to the search function and type in your name. The box at the bottom of the entry allows you to make changes. The same search method applies to Churches and Parishes and organisations.

Any changes forwarded using this method will be verified by the publisher.

Print directory

Clergy listed in The Anglican Church of Australia Directory received email correspondence from Broughton Publishing in mid-2020 asking them to update their content and to provide consent for publishing additional contact information.

If you did not receive this correspondence and wish to update your details for a future edition please contact the publisher at directory@broughtonpublishing.com.au. A link to your personal form will be emailed to you so that you can update your own data online.

You will be invited to check this data and make any necessary amendments prior to publication of the next edition.

Parish/church name and address details



Print directory

Please scan or photocopy the relevant page(s) from within the print directory and email any changes to the publisher at directory@broughtonpublishing.com.au.

For all updates

If you do not have access to email, please clearly mark any changes on a scan or photocopy of the relevant page(s) or provide a clear description of the required change(s) and mail to the publisher:
Broughton Publishing Pty Ltd
PO Box 43
Sandown Village Vic 3171