Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Anglican Church of Australia Directory?

The Anglican Church of Australia Directory is a print publication that includes details for more than 4,000 Anglican clergy, 1,250 parishes and more than 2,000 churches. It also provides information about the 23 Australian Dioceses and some 300 related Anglican organisations.

Who is the publisher?

Broughton Publishing Pty Ltd is the official publishing arm of the Anglican Church in Australia. It reports to the Standing Committee of the General Synod of the Anglican Church in Australia.

Who is the editor?

Colin Reilly has had a long involvement with the Anglican Church in Australia. He also has extensive historical and current details about the Church and its activities and personnel Australia-wide. He is well qualified to undertake this large and complicated project.

How do I get included?

The publisher has developed a digital form with personal details that can be completed and returned with the press of a button. The important aspect of this form, apart from updating your data, is that you are giving permission where appropriate for your data to be published.

What if I don’t want to be included?

Broughton has worked with the Bishops of each Diocese in Australia to develop an agreed ‘inclusion policy’ which states that clergy included in the Anglican Church of Australia Directory are those who:

  • at the time of publication have been issued with a license (general or specific), or
  • have been authorised or permitted to officiate by the Primate or a Diocesan Bishop or,
  • while not holding such a licence or authorisation or permission, were officially listed by the relevant Diocese.

What if there is specific data that I don’t want included?

The form allows you to indicate which data you want to exclude from the public domain. However information such as name. year of ordination and official appointments will be published because this information is considered to be in the public domain and readily available from Diocesan sources.

What is your inclusion policy in a nutshell?

Every endeavour has been made to contact the clergy listed in the Directory and any personal information included here is with their consent. Where a cleric has not responded or has withheld consent we have only included their name, ordination details, and official appointments as this information is already in the public domain because it has been published by one or more dioceses or appeared in an earlier directory.

I filled in a print form some time ago. Is this sufficient for being included?

We will be contacting all clergy before publication so that you have the opportunity to update your details should that be necessary.

Can I complete the form on my mobile phone?

We recommend completing the form on your desktop computer as this will enhance the display and reduce the chance of errors and ommissions.

Will I be contacted by phone?

Yes, we have a team of researchers who will follow up if you don’t respond to our emailed form.

When is publication scheduled?

We expect to publish the printed directory every two years, i.e. 2020, 2022, 2024 etc.

What will be the cost?

The recommended retail price is $80 plus freight.

How do we order a copy?

The digital form will allow you to tick a box expressing an interest and then we will contact you to confirm your order. At that point we will supply the publication and invoice you. The invoice will allow you to pay by cheque, credit card or direct deposit.

Who will supply the book and invoice me as the purchaser?

Broughton’s distributors, Garratt Publishing will supply the book Their contact details are  Fax 03 8545 2922   Phone 03 8545 2911.

How does the Anglican Church of Australia Directory relate to the AAD last published in 2015?

The Australian Anglican Directory (AAD) was published by Publishing Solutions and that company has no connection to Broughton Publishing. The Anglican Church of Australia Directory is a new and totally independent publication.