Existing Subscribers

Automated subscription renewal

Your subscription will automatically be renewed on the anniversary of your initial subscription. You will receive a reminder email approximately 14 days prior to your renewal falling due.

Cancelling your subscription

If you’d like to cancel your subscription at the end of your current term, please login to the site and visit the account page. You can choose to cancel your subscription on this page.

Lost password

If you have lost your password, please visit the lost password page and enter your username or email address to reset your password.

Lost username or unable to access your email

If you have lost your username or you are unable to access the email address you used to buy your subscription to the Anglican Church of Australia Directory, please email directory@broughtonpublishing.com.au with details of your original email address and the approximate date you purchased your subscription. We will attempt to search for your subscription record and change your email address.

Changing your credit card

If you’d like to update your credit card, please login to the site and visit the billing info page. You can enter a new credit card number using the form provided.

Additional assistance

If you are unable to resolve your specific issue with the above information please email directory@broughtonpublishing.com.au detailing your issues. Please include, if possible, the email address you initially subscribed from, the approximate date of your subscription and any other relevant information.